The ceremonies:

  1. Organize the backlog
  2. Sprint planning
  3. Sprint
  4. Daily Scrum or Stand Up
  5. Sprint review
  6. Sprint retrospective

Scrum vs Kanban

Cadence Regular fixed length sprints (ie, 2 weeks) Continuous flow
Release methodology At the end of each sprint if approved by the product owner Continuous delivery or at the team’s discretion
Roles Product owner, scrum master, development team No existing roles. Some teams enlist the help of an agile coach.
Key metrics Velocity Cycle time
Change philosophy Teams should strive to not make changes to the sprint forecast during the sprint. Doing so compromises learnings around estimation. Change can happen at any time

Daily Standup

  1. Dit it yesterday?
  2. Will do it today?
  3. Any impediment?


  1. What worked Well?
  2. What could be improved?
  3. What will we commit to doing in the next iteration?
  4. Actionable commitment?