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System Notation/Model

4+1 Architectural View

  • Logical view: is concerned with the functionality that the system provides to end-users.
  • Development view: illustrates a system from a programmers perspective and is concerned with software management.
  • Process view: deals with the dynamic aspect of the system, explains the system processes and how they communicate, and focuses on the runtime behavior of the system.
  • Physical view: depicts the system from a system engineer’s point of view. It is concerned with the topology of software components on the physical layer, as well as communication between these components.
  • Use cases or scenarios are utilized to illustrate the architecture

c4 model

  • Context (level 1): they show the system in scope and its relationship with users and other systems
  • Container (level 2): they decompose a system into interrelated containers. A container represents an application or a data store
  • Component (level 3): they decompose containers into interrelated components, and relate the components to other containers or other systems
  • Code (level 4): they provide additional details about the design of the architectural elements that can be mapped to code