Preparing for the conversation

  1. Create a safe environment: allow conversation to happen and someone can accept our feedback
  2. Create coaching contract: decide some expectation together

How to fully aware to the conversation? Asking a question.

Question Framing: Outcome focused > Problem focused

Give measurement to expected outcome. (Quote: “Something you can’t measure, you can’t manage”)

Inspire Other

9 influencing style:

  1. Reason
  2. Inspire
  3. Ask
  4. Feel good
  5. Deal
  6. Favor
  7. Silent allies
  8. Authority
  9. Force

How to being inspired

  1. Being self-inspired (by reading booking, watch movie, talk to people, etc)
  2. Get Positive Energy
  3. Using a good language
    • Engaging
    • Unexpected
    • Optimistic
    • Decisive
  4. Style or strategy
    • Future focused
    • Positive Framing
    • Build a vision
    • Have an opinion
  5. Have a purpose


Motivation Style:

  1. Carer: it’s about people
  2. Driver: it’s about speed
  3. Professional: it’s about work
  4. Adapter: combination

Motivation style <> Behavior

Be flexing to different style