Performance Test



Type of performance test:

  • Load Testing: increase workload
  • Volume Testing/Flood Test: increate amounts of data
  • Stress Testing/Fatigue Testing: outside of the parameters of normal working conditions
  • Spike Testing: type of stress testing; workload is beyond normal expectations for short amounts of time
  • Endurance Testing/Soak Testing: Check for resource leak
  • Scalibility Testing: gradually adding to the workload or data volume


  • Bottlenecking
  • Poor scalability
  • Configuration issue
  • Insufficient hardware resource


  • Response Time
  • Wait Time/Average Latency
  • Average Load Time
  • Peak response time
  • Error Rate
  • Concurrent User
  • Request per second
  • Transaction passed/failed
  • Throughput (kilobyte per second)
  • CPU Utilization: high cpu usage mean machine working more its capacity
  • Memory utilization