Extreme Ownership


  • Part I: Winning the War Within
    • Chapter 1: Extreme Ownership
    • Chapter 2: No Bad Teams, Only Bad leaders
    • Chapter 3: Believe
    • Chapter 4: Check the Ego
  • Part II: Laws of Combat
    • Chapter 5: Cover and Move
    • Chapter 6: Simple
    • Chapter 7: Prioritize and Execute
    • Chapter 8: Decentralized Command
    • Chapter 9: Plan
    • Chapter 10. Leading Up and Down the Chain of Command
    • Chapter 11: Decisiveness and Uncertainty
    • Chapter 12. Discipline Equals Freedom – The Dichotomy

The Dichotomy of Leadership

A good leader must be:

  • confident but not cocky;
  • courageous but not foolhardy;
  • competitive but a gracious loser;
  • attentive to details but not obsessed by them;
  • strong but have endurance;
  • a leader and follower;
  • humble not passive;
  • aggressive not overbearing;
  • quiet not silent;
  • calm but not robotic, logical but not devoid of emotions;
  • close with the troops but not so close that one becomes more important than another or more important than the good of the team; not so close that they forget who is in charge.
  • able to execute Extreme Ownership, while exercising Decentralized Command.

A good leader has nothing to prove, but everything to prove.