• Automates the deployment as container
  • Linux-only tool
  • Developed in the Go language
  • Builds on LinuX Containers (LxC) –> latest version not use LxC anymore
  • create Virtual Environments (VE)


Develop, Ship and Run Any Application Anywhere

Get Started

Quick start cheatsheet:

docker version
docker info
docker run -d -p 80:80 --name webserver nginx
docker ps
docker stop webserver
docker ps -a
docker help ps
docker start webserver
docker rm -f webserver
docker images
docker rmi nginx

Image & Container

Image is basis of container.

# list of image
docker images
docker image ls

Container is instance of image. The apps is running on top of container

# run new container
docker run -d -p 80:80 --name [container] [image]

# list of container
docker container ls
docker ps

# show all including stop container
docker ps -a

# list with filter
docker ps -aq -f status=exited

# remove Container
docker rm [container]

# remove stopped containers
docker ps -aq --no-trunc | xargs docker rm

# remove containers after
docker ps --since a1bz3768ez7g -q | xargs docker rm

# remove container before
docker ps --before a1bz3768ez7g -q | xargs docker rm

# remove dangling/untagged images
docker ps -aq --no-trunc -f status=exited | xargs docker rm  

Dockerfile is source code of the images on.

# build image
docker build [directory contains Dockerfile]

# remove image
docker rmi [image name]

Docker Compose



brew install docker-compose


docker-compose ps # list of process

docker-compose start # start the service
docker-compose stop # stop the service 
docker-compose pause
docker-compose unpause

docker-compose up # Create and start containers
docker-compose down # Stop and remove containers, networks, images, and volumes